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Earn revenue with whatsappcash


Achieve revenue by sharing our social links through WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and many other social networks. The potential is huge. Here are some examples of how many people use social networks. In the social network Facebook, there are 22 million members only in Germany. The social network for business people, LinkedIn, is active in 200 countries worldwide and records 200 million users worldwide. The news service Twitter is used by about 320 million people around the world. On Google+, there are monthly 360 million active users around the world.

WhatsApp web is not supported yet


With whatsappcash it is psossible to share links in social networks - just WhatsApp web is not currently supported. WhatsApp web is the browsergated version of WhatsApp. Through the website, it is possible to access WhatsApp messages with the PC.


Different categories


With whatsappcash you have the possibility to select different categories. Examples are love, fun[oder]even sayings. We also provide pictures, videos and articles. Or you send some nice greetings. Friends, relatives[oder]business partners are feeling fine by receiving individual birthday greetings. A good hanger are also seasonal holidays. In the spring, Easter greetings, Christmas greetings in winter and New Year greetings on New Year's Eve. With our greeting cards you always receive free of charge a voucher, a voucher code[oder]a voucher link of one of our hip partner shops.


Payment with Paypal[oder]bank account


The remuneration of whatsappcash is possible in all countries and it is in click-TCP (click - thousandth contact price ). The TCP is a key figure from the area of media planning. It shows the amount of money which is necessary to reach one thousand persons of a target group. The minimum credit for a payment to Paypal[oder]a bank account is 30 €


Policies create network quality


We work with direct customers as well as with national and international agencies. In doing so, it is particularly important for us to ensure optimal conditions. Framework conditions which apply equally to all business partners. That is why we have created our publisher Guidelines. These provide uniform guidelines and ensure that the quality is consistently high over the entire network.

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Neue Funktionen bei Whatsappcash.de (New features at Whatsap (10.01.2017)
Hallo Whatsappcashler!

wir freuen uns euch über neue Funktionen bei Whatsappcash.de Informieren zu können.

Zu den bisher vorhanden Möglichkeiten eine Kampagne zu teilen, gesellen sich nun noch Dienste von instagram, youtube, snapchat und vk hinzu.

Leider bieten diese Plattformen keine Möglichkeit einen Beitrag direkt über einen externen Anbieter wie z.B. whatsappcash.de zu teilen.

Um Beiträge von whatsappcash.de dort zu teilen müsst ihr daher den Code, welcher beim aufrufen des „Teilen-Links“ eingeblendet wird, kopieren und dann bei dem jeweiligen Dienst (z.B. youtube, instagram, ...) einfügen.

Leider nicht so praktisch wie bei Whatsapp, Facebook & CO, ...aber, ihr bekommt das schon hin! :)

Viele Grüße,

das Whatsappcash-Team


Hello Whatsappcashler!

We are pleased to inform you about new functions at Whatsappcash.de.

To the existing possibilities to share a campaign, are now added services of instagram, youtube, snapchat and vk.

Unfortunately, these platforms do not provide a way to make a post directly from an external vendor, e.g. Whatsappcash.de.

To share posts from whatsappcash.de you have to copy the code, which is displayed when you click the "share-link", and then insert it into the respective service (e.g. youtube, instagram, ...).

Unfortunately is it not so practical as with Whatsapp, Facebook & CO, ... but, you get it already! :)

Best wishes,

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